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 Middle East investment firm EIP and consortium acquired UAE firm for $17 million

eip lebanonEmerging Investment Partners (EIP), a Middle Eastern investment firm based in Lebanon and a consortium acquired UAE’s Almasa Meat Processing Company for $17 million.

The consortium also includes Siniora Food Industries, a Jordan-listed company. The seller is Al Ghurair Group. Emerging Investment Partners is an investment management firm established in 2014 by the Obegi group and Generation Alfa, together with Wassim Heneine and Karim Burhani.

Emerging Investment Partners EIP is listed in the Middle East Investors Directory with the code MA1604.

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 Dubai venture capital firm Wamda launched $75 million fund and invested in 3 firms

wamda-capital.jpgAlmost four months after raising $55.7 million from 26 limited partners, today Dubai-based Wamda Capital announced launch of its $75 million venture capital fund and investment in 3 firms.

Founded by Fadi Ghandour, angel investor and founder of Aramex, the venture capital fund will focus on growth stage financing across the world. (The other fund headed by Mr. Ghandour, Mena Venture Investments, had its focus on seed investments). Among the 26 limited partners, you can see institutions like International Finance Corporation, the Abraaj Group, Crescent Enterprises and Zain Group. Wamda Capital announced its first three investments in the following firms: News Group International, Jamalon and New York based Little Bits Electronics.

Mena Venture Investments is listed in the Middle East Investors Directory with the code SINX1.

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 UAE family offices and consortium invested $11 million in online logistics firm

zamil-fetchr.jpgMiddle East family offices Al Kadi and Al Zamil, UAE investment firm Dhabi Holding and Dubai investment firm Delta Partners, as part of a consortium invested $11 million in the online logistics firm The Fetchr.

This series A funding is led by US venture capital firm New Enterprise Associates. The Fetchr's app is tailored for package delivery in places and countries where there are unreliable physical addresses. Fetchr delivers 97 percent of packages same day or overnight, and a return process that picks up within 30 minutes.

Al Zamil Family Office is listed in the Middle East Investors Directory with the code BFD34.

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 Dubai Venture Capital firm Arzan VC announced its third investment of this year

arzan-db.jpgArzan Venture Capital, a venture capital firm based in Dubai and Kuwait, announced its third investment of this year in Russian real estate portal Idinaidi.ru

The fund has also announced another investment alongside a group of angel investors in MENA Commerce, a Dubai based startup in the retail industry.

Arzan Venture Capital is listed in the Middle East Investors Directory with the code FE156.

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 Silicon Valley VC firm seeks Middle East investors for $100 million fund

fenoxvc.jpgFenox VC, a Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm is looking to raise a $100 million fund from Middle East investors to invest in early-stage startups - The Wall Street Journal is reporting

The firm has $10 million committed and is on the hunt for more cash from Middle East investors. “I know of no other time that a Silicon Valley VC has used capital from Middle East investors to promote entrepreneurship in the local region,” Brent Traidman, Fenox general partner said. (Its current investment portfolio includes Dream Link Entertainment, which recently listed in Tokyo, and Lark, a wearable technology company)

To see listing and contact emails of investors from the Middle East, check the 2014 edition of Middle East Investors Directory

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  Egyptian holding Acquires 35% of Italian clothing firm for $35 million (March 2009)

  Iranian investor acquired former Tehran InterContinential Hotel for $130 million (June 2008)

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